Cybergraphix Inc.

Parent company of "My Very Own Adventure!"

Founded in 1992 by Rob Robertson, Cybergraphix Inc. began as a marketing project at the University of Akron in Ohio. Now with 15 employees and bringing in nearly $3 million annually, the interactive media company is launching a new children's product, "My Very Own Adventure!."

One of Cybergraphix's big breaks came on Christmas Eve in 1998, when the director of Digital Media projects at Glencoe/McGraw-Hill called to inquire about producing an interactive high school textbook. That first project led to the production of nearly 500 book titles each year for national divisions of McGraw-Hill.
The reputation for quality, speed, and price gained through McGraw-Hill projects has opened the door to other great projects from the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, School Specialty Children’s Publishing, and Ohio University to name a few.

For years, Robertson nurtured an idea for an interactive children's video. At first, it was just a still image of a child inserted into a basic cartoon.

To further develop the concept, Cybergraphix, Inc. hired Ron Eckler, a talented graphic artist and animator.  He took the reins of the idea and turn it into a high-quality, fun, exciting and affordable product.  "My Very Own Adventure!" debuts on Sept. 26, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Fun Expo, a tradeshow for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry.

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